Norah & Cirilia

I can finally share the last bit of work I did for Berroco! Today is what is known at Berroco Inc. as Switchover Day, which means that all of the new pattern booklets and yarns have been posted and are ready to be ogled! Take a look here (this theme makes links pretty covert, but just hover your mouse above the word ‘here’ and you’ll see it). The design team is at TNNA, and while I won’t be joining them this year, I am still very excited to share this work with you. You’ll still hear my voice in the audio slideshows, and I hope you’ll see my influence in the styling of these booklets. 

Towards the end of my tenure at Berroco I did less and less designing and a lot more styling. I really loved creating mood boards and themes for each of our shoots, and compiling the perfect accessories and props. 

Mood Board

It was particularly fun to style Booklet #315 Bohemian Mix. We knew we wanted a complete jumble of color and texture so Norah and I had a blast digging through our respective closets. What came out on the other end was a lush mix of Norah’s incredible jewelry layered on top of two or three of my printed dresses, topped with Norah’s vintage scarves. Add some peculiar pets and some dried foliage and you have the perfect mess (and I mean that in the best way).

Bohemian Mix

We knew we had great potential to fail here but I think we made something pretty cool. I love that our extremely disparate styles came together to create such a singular look. The booklet throws together a lot of yarns with very strong personalities, and the overall effect is fun rather than chaotic. 

Ha! That kind of sums up the job itself. I will truly miss the insanity of photo shoots. The weeks of frenzied preparation and worrying, the long days of shopping and even longer nights of knitting. Seeing the final result of all that work always transcends the stress. I hope you’ll agree it was worth it. 


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