Falling in love again

I’ve always had a hard time answering the question “Where are you from?” Truth be told, I’ve lived so many places I’m not even sure I HAVE a hometown. My family is based in New England, Texas and Washington, D.C. and since my father was in the military I’ve lived in Japan, Europe and all over the East Coast. 

The wanderlust is ingrained, and in less than three years of dating, my boyfriend and I have been to 26 states together (he has been to all but Alaska), and I have moved from Western Massachusetts to Providence, RI to Seattle, WA! 


Since I spent my youth moving around, I’m pretty adept at learning to love new places. There is always a period of stubbornness, but eventually each new place reveals its charms, I seek out new ones, and before long I am begrudgingly in love. 

It happened in Providence, and it is happening again with Seattle. When I arrived in Providence, I wasn’t sure I liked the gruff, serpentine little city on Narragansett Bay, but I did a 180 pretty quickly. The crafty, gorgeous town seemed completely mine—every time I went to a tiny art house cinema or visited a boutique or rowed in the choppy cold water, it felt like my own personal dollhouse. That city and I are sympatico!

My first few weeks in Seattle felt a bit Twin Peaks to me, but the more I venture out on my own, the more I am won over. From the free dance lesson I stumbled across downtown…

Dance Lessons

…to the fully grown woman reading Calvin & Hobbes: Weirdos from Another Planet on the bus…

Calvin & Hobbes

…it’s a delightful city. And it is just as aqueous as Providence! 

Discovery Park

Being so close to the water and the mountains mean that it can be chilly in July! The weather here is so much more than just “rainy,” and it’s kind of nice to be enjoying autumnal delights in summertime. 

I’m currently working on a Gansey for the book that is inspired by these parallel maritime cities. Providence and the surrounding area had a hugely inspiring nautical feel (click here to see my visit to the New Bedford Whaling Museum) and Seattle shares the same feeling, with an added dose of Scandinavian and Japanese influence. Add that to the drizzly, cool temps and its a perfect storm for this knitter. Case in point: here’s a little sneak preview of a Cousteau/Zissou inspired knit I hope to release in the next few weeks…


But in the meantime, I have several deadlines staring me down, and oh yeah, Sock Summit in Portland, which is practically my backyard now. Can’t wait to go high-five some old friends and hit up a few food carts, oh yes, and BURGERVILLE


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