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This post has been sitting in my draft pile for eons, probably because I’m afraid to write it! Writing about a favorite writer is all kinds of daunting, and not something I do often. Exactly 166 days ago, I saw Jane Espenson speak at the first Geek Girl Convention. This happened right on the heels of the day I discovered that the Hellmouth is in fact Los Angeles


It’s been a good long while since the talk so I’m afraid my memories are dim. What I do remember is that she was wickedly, adorably funny. When she dropped an F-bomb within minutes of taking the stage she purred, “hey guys, sorry for the spicy talk!…” 

She went on to tell stories of her early days writing spec scripts for shows like Star Trek and M*A*S*H. Many of her “breaks” came from her putting herself out there. It reminded me of the quote “the harder you work, the luckier you get.” 


Most of us know and love Jane for her work with Joss Whedon on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (note Spike + Buffybot, just out of view, below): 


Eventually the conversation turned to slang and voice, two areas where Jane is pretty much unparalleled, in my opinion. Her fascination with language is backed by years of serious linguistic study, and she shapes her characters with specific verbal tics that always sound authentic and new. 

All in all, Jane confirmed that writing for a television show sounds like some of the hardest and most fun creative work around. During the Q&A I raised my hand and asked her what she likes to watch if and when she has the time (she loves reality shows like Amazing Race and Project Runway).

Time management is just one more thing I have learned (or rather, am fighting like mad to learn) from Jane. If you follow her on Twitter @JaneEspenson you will have the option of joining her in a writing sprint (you could also learn how to revive a day-old sandwich—Jane is a woman who takes snacking seriously).

These sprints are bounded times where you resolve to eshew distractions and work on a specific task, uninterrupted. I haven’t joined in on a sprint in a while but I LOVE working on something knowing that Jane is tinkering with a script in tandem. She’s an incredible digital cheerleader, and so gracious with her fawning fans (askmehowIknow…)

I’m such a Jane fan that I had to name a knit after her. Last year I designed the Espenson caftan tee. It wasn’t necessarily inspired by Jane the lady, but by Jane’s ladies. She has a habit of writing for sci-fi and fantasy and this comfortable striped tee looks like something an ass-kicking woman of the future might wear while slaying demons or exploring a new moon. 

Espenson Caftan

Speaking of geeky fashions, I am absolutely LOVING Geek Chic, a nerdy and well-researched fashion column from Boston University junior Shannon Kiang. My personal favorite is Lord of the Rings round-up, but I can’t wait for her to tackle some Espenson material! 


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