Iceland, day one

Well. I have been back from Ísland for three weeks now. You may have already watched my ebullient haul videos, but I’ve been putting off writing an actual blog post. I don’t know why, exactly, it could be because I’m really and truly sad that this wonderful visit is behind me now. I have so much to share, I’ll be breaking this into several posts and you can be sure that I will return to Ísland as soon as possible…

I arrived just after 6 in the morning and stocked up on Brennivín and Gull Lager (check out the stockinette stitch background on the logo) at the duty-free shop. Ragga, my friend and the founder of Knitting Iceland informed me that Brennivín is sort of the malt liquor of Ísland. Whoops! I’d tried some of the caraway flavor schnapps on the plane and really enjoyed it…

After a brief nap I met up with Stephen and Marc, two darlings I don’t see nearly enough of in America. We walked over to a café that we would positively haunt for the next 2 weeks, Kaffismiđja Íslands. Besides incredible amenities (ahem, nail polish, knitting, music on vinyl) and a constant parade of beauty and style, the coffee and pastries put Seattle’s to shame. They roast their own beans, their baristas win awards, and the pastries seem to be 85% Icelandic butter, and they’re served with even more butter on the side.

I was thrilled to learn that the word “og” meant “and,” not “or” as I’d assumed. It was breaking my heart to choose just one for my daily brioche: “sultu og smjöri.” They probably had a polite little laugh until I finally figured out that I could have my fill of BOTH. 


After a good long, Euro-style sit and knit, we set out to do some shopping, for our photoshoots, ourselves, for inspiration. Marc and Stephen picked up new Campers at Kron but I struck out. The cookie-like scalloped flats I wanted were sadly out of stock


Our view of Hallgrímskirkja from our borrowed balcony…


More errands! Stephen doesn’t stop knitting for anything.

Always Working

Next stop was FARMER’S MARKET! I’d known about this design company for some time now, so I was thrilled to be visiting the flagship with Stephen, looking for items to use in our upcoming shoots. They have helped to increase the popularity of Icelandic wool both locally and abroad; even the non-wool items they carry seem to exist to heighten the beauty of hand knits. 

Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market

My first day ended at Kex Hostel (you will hear plenty more about this wondrous place in future posts). We met up with dear Jared, aka Mr. Brooklyn Tweed himself and we all feasted on salted cod with arctic thyme with plenty of Icelandic beer on the side. 

(Ragga on the left, Jared on the right, beautiful Reykjavik behind them) 

Ragga + Jared

Jet-lagged and blissed out, I set to knitting…


We arrived back at our apartment to witness a killer sunset…




More soon,


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