Muscle memory

Well, HELLO. I’m sitting here wondering if blogging is like riding a bicycle, but muscle memory is taking its sweet time to kick in, so I’ll just start typing…

It has been quite awhile since I’ve blogged on my own, and truth be told, I sort of fell in love with micro-blogging via Twitter in the past couple of years. My duties at Berroco kept me so busy that I came to view blogging as a somewhat onerous task. Could you blame me, though? Everything else was so much more entertaining!! Meeting with mills to pick out new yarns, puzzling out color schemes with Norah, shopping for inspiration on the web (often at another new e-obsession, Pinterest), even swatching was more fun than wrestling with HTML, at least for this mild technophobe. 

So what exactly am I up to these days? Well, I’ve switched coasts for one! Last month I drove from Providence, RI to Seattle, WA. I’m still making sense of what that all means but the trek was most enjoyable. Here are just a few “postcards” from my journey: 


The plains of Minnesota looked like some of my favorite things, the Wizard of Oz, the Grapes of Wrath, Carnivale…I loved the spare, open landscapes and scraggly lonesome trees. 


A cold and snowy day at the Badlands. Saw some delightfully scruffy mule deer, and heard incredible birdsongs that seemed to carry for improbable distances. We were practically alone in this incredible landscape. 


Except of course for the jackalopes ;) 


I seem to have a pattern addiction. This seemingly simple ensemble contains stripes x 3 with a side of gingham and whatever weird moiré tessellation is happening on that pink Brooklyn Industries bag! 


Besides reserving hotel rooms for next to nothing using the Priceline app, the best road advice I can give you is to stock up at local co-ops. We stopped at many, including the amazing Bozeman, MT Co-op. Start your day with fresh water, fantastic coffee, freshly squeezed juices and fill your insulated tote (we bought one at the Wedge, another fantastic co-op in Minneapolis). Stopping for these carefully procured lunches became a delightful picnic rather than a depressing pit-stop. 


Montana charmed me in many ways, Butterfly Herbs in Missoula being just one of them, recommended by none other than Knitting Iris—I’m still bummed that I couldn’t swing by and say hello. Look at the perfect mint blue-green in this candy jar: 


Do I even need to tell you how excited I was for THIS pit-stop? 

MT Woolens

MT Woolens

Road snacks and a book I held hostage from the library as a young girl. I finally bought myself a copy at Wall Drug in South Dakota.


This glorious spectacle in Spokane more than made up for the very wimpy sign that welcomed me to Washington state. 


I think I’ve said my piece for today, but stay tuned for some exciting news. I will be blogging more regularly here as I embark on a new project, but if you’re looking for more frequent non-sequiturs, feel free to follow me (bricoleurknits) on Twitter


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