I was so very lucky this week! I had a chance to hang out with Mary Jane Mucklestone, a lively, accomplished, totally inspiring knitter/designer/stylist/all-around fibrous lady. It was great to hear all about her upcoming book projects and to share our thoughts on styling, a shared passion (see pictures from our visit to Earthues here). I had to laugh when I saw her arrive—we were both in shades of blue, plaids + stripes and were both toting LeSportSac bags. Some kind of knitter’s uniform, or Pacific NW Chic?…

MJM & Me

I brought a copy of I Love Your Style by Amanda Brooks. So often books about style are slightly bossy or overly cheeky or just plain boring. This book is right up my alley, with a hugely diverse and incredibly literate range of references. I love that she includes lists of sartorially inspiring films to take in, and not just the usual like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” 

MJM + Hat

MJ, Amanda and I all share this tendency for referentiality, and we’re hardly alone. Friend and founder of Ravelry Casey Forbes recently tweeted a link to Steven Soderbergh’s so-called Media Diet. He basically assigns himself a steady diet of specific media that will help him develop his aesthetic. 

I am currently in the middle of rewatching Mad Men (and reading the comprehensive and sartorially focused re-caps by TLo), and Mary Jane and I are both over the moon for Downton Abbey, both available on Netflix Instant. Gorgeous television makes all of our deadline knitting tolerable, and it heightens our respective visual repertoires. It’s so much more than passing time, it’s new color combinations, inventive framing and postures we’d never think to use, moods and places conjured for us while we do the more practical work of turning yarn into garments. 

What scenes and costumes and faces have found their way from your screens to your crafting? You can see just a few more of my favorites here



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