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rhinebeck 2014

I'm back from a wonderful trip to Rhinebeck. It was great to be back on the East Coast while it was at its finest. I was there to sign my brand new book Magpies, Homebodies and Nomads: A Modern Knitter's Guide to Exploring and Discovering Style, but I did manage to take a few laps around the fairgrounds.

I found all my usual favorites, adorable outspoken sheep, delectable fried foods and happy, happy knitters. This time I channeled my inner Garance Doré and took quick snapshots of my favorite style moments. They weren't always handknit or even knit but they all celebrated wool, fiber and fun. Some standout trends were mixed media scrap projects, vintage inspired Americana, classics gone neon and art yarn as jewelry, the last one completely bolstered by spinning instructor and imagination ignitor Esther Rodgers. I was remiss in not getting people's names so speak up in the comments if you spot yourself or a friend (I DID let them all know I'd be posting their amazing knits on my blog). Enjoy! (click to see my Rhinebeck snaps)


P.S. Bonus: find my Rhinebeck video footage on the Zealana blog!


Travel is a soul-bolstering, character-building endeavor, that’s a given. I happen to delight in one of the more frivolous side effects, the opportunity for wardrobe expansion and sartorial inspiration. A recent trip to the Netherlands meant plunging headlong into a situation that could only be called gezellig, a Dutch word that encompasses a feeling of well-being that comes from seeking delights with loved ones (view many more photos here).




I landed in Amsterdam and took a tram to meet my fiber-obsessed friends and colleagues Ragga Eiriksdottir and Stephen West. After trading presents and gorging on local candy and beer, we collaboratively composed outfits for our first strut around town.

image Rozengracht was our first stop, a street in the Jordaan district filled with craft supplies, professional grade cosmetics and my favorite find, The New Label Project. Stephen is a regular at the boutique, calling it a “real-life Etsy,” greeting Italian curator/owner Giulia Elena Bessone with a big hug and rapid fire inquiries about new products.

Fashion sketches decorate the walls and one-of-a-kind accessories pepper the shelves, some of them about the same price as a couple of doner kebab. I couldn’t pass up a striped faux-fur cocoon that I first mistook for a skirt. I also loaded up on conversation piece necklaces. There are few things more fun than answering a compliment with “thanks, I got it in (insert exotic locale here).”


Later we ambled over to Penelope Craft, a thriving yarn store owned by American expat Malia Mather. The store is a cozy enclave full of delightful oddities like a macro friendship bracelet made with super-bulky yarn. Custom products like neon tapestry needles and Netherlands-themed kits designed by Mather herself round out the well-edited selection of  American and European yarns. I can’t wait to knit my Noordermarkt Mittens.


After refueling with some street frites, we headed into the dizzying People of the Labyrinths showroom where the sun-soaked palette of spring enveloped us. Sugary pastels cut with pulsing touches of neon gave us a collective buzz. Affordable? No, but when it comes to wearable art, frugality is harder to uphold.


Before we could empty our wallets in exchange for their tie-dyed silk dresses, we moved onto Laura Dols a well-stocked, incredibly organized vintage store. Creaky narrow stairs connected colorful rooms organized by theme: childrens, wedding, Feestkleding or party clothes, linens, outerwear, etc. I limited my treasures to fur collars from the 1940s, but I was very tempted by a stack of fluffy mohair throws and a fur jacket that just happened to resemble a lopapeysa.


It was only a handful of hours and a skimming of what the city has to offer, but the Amsterdam vibe stuck with me. Carefree but considered, the locals look self-assured and colorful. This is a city that revels in classic design executed with exuberance. It makes total sense that Mr. West has landed on such stimulating stomping grounds. Wherever you are, grab some friends and get your gezillig on.

(expanded version of my Style Spotting column first published in Knitscene Magazine Summer 2013; reprinted with permission).

Hat Love

Hello! It’s almost November and I’m in the Windy City for Vogue Knitting Live, one of my very favorite knittish happenings. I love Chicago, and I love exploring it on foot. I especially love its blustery reputation because it all but REQUIRES a hat! 

How many times have you heard someone declare, “I’m not a hat person”? I’ve always found this idea ridiculous, since there are SO many styles of hats to choose from. While its true that finding a hat that flatters you can be a bit trying, knitters are uniquely equipped to do this, and Wooly Wormhead’s latest collection is just another tool in our arsenal. 


Taboosh © Woolly Wormhead/R. Paisley 2012

Available now in print and digital, Classic Woolly Toppers is a collection of wearable, diverse hats that will also help you build your skill repertoire. Woolly has included clear illustrations that walk you through some of the more complicated techniques, as well as a helpful guide to the art of hat pairing. Face shape and hair style come into play, and I’d like to add “a dose of confidence” to the list. If you decide you ARE a hat person, you are! 


© Woolly Wormhead/R. Paisley 2012

I am not alone in loving the dramatic, turban style hats in the collection, Ravine, shown above, and Imagiro, shown below: 


© Woolly Wormhead/R. Paisley 2012

The gorgeous model channels the screen sirens I think of when strolling past Chicago’s famous movie houses. Imagiro is a movie lover’s dream project, since it is basically a garter stitch rectangle that almost any knitter could complete in a darkened theater. The true test of your mettle comes when you assemble it. I confess, I haven’t mastered it, but I have an origami savvy friend on the case, and I can’t wait to wear it! 

I’d love to donate some of my favorite yarns so that you can knit these patterns, too. I’ve hand selected a Skacel Collection yarn for each of the hats in Woolly’s book (on-trend shades from Schulana, Schoppel-Wolle, Zitron and HiKoo). Leave a comment below with your favorite hat style or Woolly pattern and I will choose one grand prize winner on November 5th (the winner will also receive the Classic Woolly Toppers e-book, of course). And if you don’t win this time, stay tuned, I just might offer a second prize package at Skacel Fiber Studio

Happy hat knitting, everyone! 


all text and images © cirilia rose 2017