cirilia rose

writer. designer. bricoleur.

I am a full-time yarn lover.

My citizenship in the yarn industry was quite accidental. While studying consumer culture and aesthetics in Western Massachusetts, I took a job at a local yarn store that just happened to be one of the largest in the country. Since then, I've gone on to teach, write, style, produce and design in conjunction with a wide variety of industry leaders from all over the world.

I am a Brand Ambassador for New Zealand mill Woolyarns, developing and promoting singular yarns for hand knitters. I'm also a copywriter at, which is a new and exciting thrill. My first book is called Magpies, Homebodies and Nomads: A Modern Knitter's Guide to Discovering and Exploring Style [STC Craft | Melanie Falick Books] and I'm currently working on a second about my favorite place in the world and its incredible wool. The rest of my time is devoted to watching movies, making messes in the kitchen and visiting my far-flung friends. 

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